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Health Insurance Links

Insurance carrier website links, Find-A-Doc, Common Insurance Forms

Healthcare Reform Timeline

Implementation of Comprehensive Health Insurance Reforms.

Broker Suite

Online benefit administration management tool

HR Corner

HR Library, research laws and requirements, sample forms and documents

HR Articles

Labor and Employment Law information monthly memo

See what we can do for your business!

Professional Services for successful solutions, tailored to fit your business needs and your budget.

Proactive Advisement to keep informed of any changing legislation, policies and procedures.

Technology designed to save time and money by simplifying benefits administration tasks.

Successful Objectives
  • Results driven Strategies and Solutions
  • Listening and assessing client needs
  • Offer creative comprehensive solutions to fit client needs on many different levels
  • Provide affordable protection to cover costs associated with medical care
  • Service clients in a timely manner
  • Plan options to employers, to fit within a defined budget
  • Access to a high quality network of healthcare professionals
  • Educate client on features that encourage prevention and wellness within their health plans
  • Strive for excellence in our service to be worthy of client recommendations